Bumpy's Cafe

Feel at Home

You can find us at 1040 8th Street SW.

Bumpy's is a place to feel at home, comfortable and relaxed. We want to help you start or end your day right. Our oven is full from morning 'til night, just like Grandma's. 

We just try to make great coffee and great food.  We believe in doing it right or not at all. We use butter and lots of it, no shame here.

Whether you're coming in for your morning oatmeal, lunch or coffee... we're glad you're home. 

Coffee & Tea

We love coffee and it shows! 

This is one area where we differ from Grandma…no stove-top percolators here!

Espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and more, we pride ourselves on perfect shots, perfect milk, and a depth of taste that will bring you back for more. As one of the few cafes in Calgary to do latte art, our Barista's strive for that perfect rosette or leaf to top your delicious latte. Bumpy's uses World Barista Championship standard espresso machines and grinders from LaMarzocco- no cutting corners here.

For the tea lover, we have a selection of black, green and herbal teas, as well as our real chai tea in regular and decaf. We use only loose leaf teas from Tea Affair, a locally owned tea company that searches the world for the best teas.

Try our masala chai latte, made by steeping chai tea and steamed milk with just the right amount of sugar – it’s a creamy, spicy, heartwarming delight! All of our coffees and teas are available for wholesale as well.



You can order retail bags of coffee through UberEats!!

You can order retail bags of coffee through UberEats!!